Easy Green Box

Easy Green Box is the eco-friendly way to rent ready-to-use, sturdy, stackable high-density plastic boxes for residential and commercial moves as well as remodels. We offer free delivery and pick-up service in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities.

Easy Green Box has the supplies you need to pack for your move! In addition to our plastic moving boxes we offer labels, wardrobe boxes, moving dollies, packing paper, and security zip ties.


We deliver Easy Green Boxes to you and pick up the empty boxes from your new home. No need to buy, build, tape, break down or run around looking for cardboard boxes. Easy Green Boxes are affordable, ready to use and are 50 times stronger than cardboard.


Traditional cardboard moving boxes last on average less than two uses and quite often are not recycled properly. Each Easy Green Box will be reused time and time again during its lifespan and when they are no longer usable we will ensure that the boxes are repurposed or recycled appropriately making the carbon footprint much lower than using cardboard moving boxes.


Easy Green Boxes are durable, stack-able, high-density plastic boxes that will cut the cost of your packing supplies and protect your belongings during your move. They are assembled and ready to pack saving you time from constructing and disposing cardboard boxes. Each box measures: 27”x 17”x 12”.