Save Time With Easy Green Box

Compared to traditional cardboard boxes, moving with Easy Green Box is a snap, saving you time, frustration and of course your valuables.

No Procuring Boxes

The average family spends 5 hours or more trying to obtain enough boxes to accommodate moving their possessions. It is a process that often involves multiple phone calls, trips to and from various locations and transportation of the boxes. With Easy Green Box, a 5 min visit to our website to order the quantity you need is all it takes and you receive the boxes right at your door. We then pickup the boxes at your new location once you have finished moving.

Stop Folding/Taping

It takes, on average, 5 minutes to properly fold, tape and prepare a box for filling. For a 2 bedroom apartment that uses an average of 40 boxes, this ends up costing you nearly 3.5 hrs simply preparing boxes. This doesn't even include the actual packing process. With Easy Green Box, there is no folding or taping. Simply receive your boxes via delivery and start filling. Our secure lids fold and lock with little effort and not time.

No Discarding

After all is set and done with your move, the last thing you want to do is figure out where to take and/or what to do with all those cardboard boxes. The same as procuring boxes, people can spend several hours driving around dropping off boxes and taking them to the recycle bin or transfer stations. With Easy Green Boxes, simply stack the boxes inside of each other to conserve space and wait for us to come by your new place to pick up the boxes to be used by someone else. Together, we can help each other and the environment by using reusable Easy Green Boxes.