After looking for a new home for over a year that fit our growing family of five. The summer of 2020 we were finally faced with having to pack and move. Our youngest only being 5 months old and our oldest being 4 years old, finding boxes and packing seemed a bit overwhelming.

Doing what Nathan does best, he got to work researching corrugated box options from free options to purchased options all required more time than available driving around town to pick them up or spending evenings building and taping instead of packing.

With three kids under the age of 4 time needed to be used packing.Then a coworker of his in the packaging group sent him a link to Easy Green Box. He said, “check this out… would be a couple hundred bones, but would be super easy.”

Nathan and his wife Elisa both liked the idea of not spending time and fuel driving around gathering boxes or building and taping them either. They also liked the idea of using a system that is re-useable and minimizes waste.

After using the boxes as customers, Nathan got to talking to the owner and found out that he may be looking at selling the business. The rest, as they say, is history. Nathan and Elisa started Easy Green Box LLC and purchased the assets in the spring of 2021

They look forward to serving the community, learning about being small business owners and teaching their children about serving the community through the business as well.