Got a question about Easy Green Box? Find answers here in our FAQ section. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us at the link provided.

1) Why Should I Use Easy Green Box?


We deliver your Easy Green Box plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies and pick them up. Easy Green Box plastic moving boxes come preassembled so you don't need to spend hours searching for cardboard boxes, building and taping them. Our plastic moving boxes are water resistant, more durable than cardboard and are affordable. We save you precious time and money. 


Cardboard boxes are waste and are a huge problem in our landfills - Easy Green Box is a zero waste moving system

2) How am I helping the environment by using Easy GreenBox?

Each Easy Green Box plastic moving box will be reused hundreds of times before being fully recycled. They are made of eco-friendly high density plastic. Using Easy Green Box greatly reduces your environmental footprint.

3) How big are the boxes?

The standard Easy Green Boxes are 27 x 17 x 12, or 2.5 cubic feet.

4) How and when are the Easy Green Boxes delivered?

Our Easy Green Box Van will deliver your plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies to you. They stack neatly inside of each other and don't require any assembly. In addition, because they stack inside each other, they don't take up a lot of room. Our driver will deliver the moving boxes and supplies to the doorstep of your home or business.

5) Why not just get used cardboard boxes?

Cardboard moving boxes absorb lots of dirt, bacteria, and other things you really don't want on your valuables. Each EasyGreen Box plastic moving box is thoroughly disinfected after each use. Our drop off and pick-up service also means you're not driving all over the city picking up boxes; wasting time and gas.

6) Does the delivery fee include both delivery and pick-up?

Our free delivery and pick-up includes the seven county metro area for one delivery and one pick-up. However, if multiple deliveries or pick-ups are needed or requested the additional trips will require a delivery charge.

7) Are you a moving company?

No. Moving is up to you. We make it easier on you and your wallet; saving you time, stress and the environment.

8) Once I order, will I receive any communication from Easy Green Box?

Yes! You will first receive a confirmation email or text letting you know that your order was submitted from the website. 

9) Is Easy Green Box a national franchise?

No. We are a family owned and operated company based in Andover Minnesota. With the help of valued customers like yourself... you never know maybe one day we will be! :)