Here's your instructions for using Easy Green Box products and services...

Easy Green Box

- Use labels provided or masking tape. Other similar labels are not removable and could incur additional cleaning charges. For easy removal place labels on any of the textured areas of the box.

- Packed boxes should be stacked no more than 5 boxes high with the heavier boxes towards the bottom.
- Empty boxes for return should be stacked in stacks of 20 boxes .

- When removing empty boxes from a stack grab handles and lift, rock box back and forth to help break any suction to the lower box so you only lift the intended box.

Easy Green Dolly

Easy Green Dollies roll very smooth and easily. If using on any type of inclined surface block wheels to prevent the dolly or stack of boxes from unintentionally rolling away.

Easy Green Wardrobe

If space allows in delivery van wardrobes will be set up prior to delivery. If not, driver can setup for you or leave folded flat to save space.

To setup

1. Loosely open box and fold overlapping bottom flaps together.
2. Place white bottom pad in bottom on top of overlapping flaps.
3. Place metal cross bar in slots at the top of the box.
4. Fold front flap up and slide top flap into top slots.


Easy Green Paper

Easy Green Paper is completely biogradeable and recyclable. While we would like to not use any single use disposable products, we understand that sometimes the only way to ensure your fragile items are safe is to pack with fillers.

Pack and fill voids as you see fit for your items.

Easy Green Zip Tie

Zip ties are a fast way to secure the lids of our boxes, helping deter someone from sneaking a peak.

There is an eyelet at either end of the box through the lid and the handle allowing the lid to be secured.