Maintaining Clean Boxes

At Easy Green Box, we use sustainable and proper care techniques to maintain all of our boxes. Check out some of our processes below.

Norwex Microfiber

We clean boxes using Norwex microfiber cloths and water, removing up to 99% of bacteria without introducing any chemicals into your home.

Norwex Science

Turnaround Time

We’ve done the research and structured our process to follow. Research shows viruses can only live for up to 3 days on hard plastic surfaces. Because of this, we rotate our inventory to sit for a minimum of 3 days prior to cleaning and sending back out for use.

Sunlight UV Rays

In the summer months we rotate boxes through washing them down and drying with the sun and natural UV light as needed.

No Harsh Chemicals

At Easy Green Box, we not only value being eco-friendly by providing a re-useable solution, we also value providing that solution in as environmentally friendly manner as possible for our customers. This is why we do not use any harsh industrial chemicals. We do not want to introduce any unneeded chemicals into your new home or office.