Easy Green Box provides sustainable moving products to fit your moving needs. View some of our featured rental products below or click the button to reserve your products now.

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Easy Green Box

Easy Green Boxes are durable, stackable plastic boxes that protect and maintain the quality of your valuables better than cardboard boxes. They also nest within each other when empty taking up much less space as well. Each Easy Green Box is 27”x17”x12” and approximately 7 lbs empty.

Easy Green Dolly

Stack your Easy Green Boxes and move them with ease on an Easy Green Dolly. The dolly is sized to fit Easy Green Boxes specifically. They allow you to move stacks of loaded or empty and nested boxes with ease.

Easy Green Wardrobe

Easy Green Wardrobe boxes are a corrugated plastic material. They can fold down flat to store out of the way and unfold to create a re-useable mobile closet. The included cross bar allows you to hang your clothes with ease while minimizing wrinkles and maximizing organization. Pack all your shoes or bath towels on the bottom of the box as well.

Easy Green Paper

At times the only way to fill the voids and protect those fragile items is to use paper. Using our 100% biodegradable packing paper is a convenient option and won’t leave ink smudges like old newspaper

Easy Green Zip Ties

Recyclable Easy Green Zip Ties are a simple way to add a little additional security to Easy Green Boxes. Secure the lids with the zip ties to keep people from sneaking a peek.