Thank You - Valued Easy Green Box LLC Customers

Thank You - Valued Easy Green Box LLC Customers

Thank you to all the past and future Easy Green Box LLC customers.  

In October 2020 my wife and our family found Easy Green Box and the idea of renting reusable boxes and decided to use the service as customers.  Little did we realize, at the time of moving our family of 5, that we would end up liking it so much that we would start our own LLC and purchase the assets in April 2021.

Here we are just over a year later and growing with the launch of a brand new website.  Giving us new opportunities to improve our processes and develop better ways to serve our customers, this blog being one of them.

So with that we wanted our first blog post to be something simple and to the point...

Thank you!  Thank you to all of the amazing customers we had in our first year, the repeat customers we already have coming back and to our future customers.  Every single order that comes in is highly valued by our family.

So with that, watch for upcoming blog posts and information as we grow.  If we could ask one thing of you, please spread the word and share our service and website with others.