The Hidden Cost Savings when Packing with Easy Green Boxes

The Hidden Cost Savings when Packing with Easy Green Boxes

When my wife and I started thinking about how we were going to get our 4 bedroom starter home in Shakopee MN packed and ready to move, we were a bit overwhelmed.  The idea of trying to pack with three young children under the age of 5 was not to be taken lightly. 

Of course my mind went immediately to the various expenses and thinking through what services bring enough value to our family to pay for someone else to do it and which ones we could manage on our own with all of our little helpers.  I knew that hiring movers was definitely going to be worth the cost.  What I didn't know was how and where to round up all of the boxes needed to pack.  We knew our main packing time would be in the evenings after the kids were in bed.

That was when a coworker of mine pointed me in the direction of Easy Green Box.  He said, "... check this out, it might cost you a few hundred bones but it looks easy and you won't spend your time finding or taping corrugated boxes."  

Since we already had a few cardboard boxes I used those to pack up my tools etc in the garage.  It took me as much time to tape and pack the eight foot section of cabinets in the garage as it did for my wife to pack over half of the kitchen using Easy Green Boxes.  That time savings alone was quite impressive.

Having small stacks of empty boxes staged throughout the house allowed us to pack as we were able in any given room.  Once a box was full we stacked and staged all the boxes in the garage.  Primarily only packing for 2-3 hours in the evenings after the kids were asleep, we had our home packed and staged in the  garage ready for the movers.

This is where the magic comes in.  Our moving company estimated 3 movers 4 hours to load the truck and 3.5 hours to unload.  With Easy Green Boxes stacked 5 boxes high and ready to load in the garage.  The movers were able to easily use a hand truck slide under the boxes and roll right into the truck.  Since the boxes are all uniform sized they made for easy loading in the truck and condensed packing ensuring everything fit in the one truck estimated.

In the end the movers loaded the truck in 2 hours and unloaded at our new home in 2 hours as well.  Saving us 3.5 hours of time on the moving cost estimate.  This time savings easily paid for the cost of using Easy Green Box for our boxes.

Now, all of that time savings wasn't only due to using Easy Green Box.  The fact that we had everything staged and ready to go in the garage was a large factor as well.  However, they had all 80 boxes loaded in under 20 minutes.  If we would have packed in a variety of cardboard boxes that couldn't stack as high or they would crush.  Or wouldn't pack as neatly in the truck due to different sizes.  Those movers would have definitely spent more time loading a variety of cardboard boxes.  So in my estimate by renting Easy Green Boxes we saved the movers enough time to pay about half of the cost of renting Easy Green Boxes.

After we were unpacked we again had all of the empty boxes stacked and staged in the garage out of the way and ready to be picked up.  It was then that I learned of the potential opportunity to purchase the assets of Easy Green Box.  That got my mind thinking.  My wife and I thought and prayed about it asked lots of questions and did a lot of research.  In April 2021 Easy Green Box LLC continued on serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

As you research your options for packing for a move or remodeling your kitchen.  Consider renting your boxes from Easy Green Box LLC.  We used and understand the value we can bring and look forward to serving and helping our customers.